Monday, August 16, 2010

Low-Protein Flour

My dad has been searching for flour with low-protein so he could make yummy Chinese bun, just like the one you eat at your local dim-sum restaurant. I didn't know it'd be that difficult, but I think I may have found some alternatives. So here are the ones that I'll order and let him try out and see.

King-Arthur Queen Guinevere Cake Flour does not only has a nice name and it also has the lowest protein % (7%) I can find so far.

King-Arthur Unbleached Pastry Flour has only 8% protein.

This Red-Lotus brand one also has 8% to 8.5% and some people from Yahoo! answer claimed that they can be found in Ranch 99 (a oriental supermarket chain here in the California).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Miracle ...

Just got this from Francis ... it's really quite amazing how God lead our lives without us realizing it and this man see it all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

名 人 爛 gag 也 可 變 名 言

人 生 名 句

搞 笑 型
「 減 肥 還 須 係 肥 人 」
「 唔 使 急 , 最 緊 要 快 。 」
「 若 要 放 上 網 , 唔 好 咁 鹵 莽 ; 若 要 人 不 知 , 唔 好 太 低 B 。 」
「 春 去 春 回 來 , 花 謝 花 再 開 , 女 死 女 還 在 ! 」

時 事 型
「 和 平 、 安 逸 , 只 會 造 成 停 頓 ; 衝 突 、 對 抗 及 戰 爭 才 有 新 生 。 」
「 八 萬 五 已 經 唔 存 在 喇 ! 」
「 富 貴 於 我 如 浮 雲 , 浮 雲 於 我 如 命 根 。 」

賭 博 歪 理 型
「 沉 迷 賭 博 , 富 可 敵 國 ; 日 賭 夜 賭 , 光 宗 耀 祖 。 」
「 小 賭 可 以 養 妻 活 兒 , 大 賭 可 以 興 家 創 業 。 」
「 博 一 博 , 單 車 變 摩 托 。 」

哲 理 型
「 耳 聽 為 虛 , 眼 見 亦 不 為 實 。 」
「 努 力 過 的 人 , 未 必 一 定 有 成 果 。 有 成 果 的 人 , 卻 一 定 曾 經 努 力 。 」
「 弱 者 等 待 時 機 , 強 者 製 造 時 機 。 」

Friday, March 23, 2007

France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years - Yahoo! News

France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years - Yahoo! News: ""

"The website itself -- which crashed host servers hours after it was unveiled due to heavy traffic -- is extremely well organized and complete, even including scanned copies of police reports."

Can't wait to see it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Secrets of Great Business Communicators

Quoted from book ...

7 traits that contribute to great business leader's success
  1. They were confident and never afraid to ask for what they wanted
  2. They appreciated people when they did get them what they wanted
  3. They consistently nurtured relationships and maintained open lines of communication -- not only when they wanted something from that person
  4. They were tenacious. They never gave up. They just tried another route of strategy to achieve their goals
  5. They were excellent listeners. They didn't shut people out, kept an open objective mind, and listened to the negative as well as the positive.
  6. They bounced back quicly from reject or depression. This was reflected in the tone of their voice and their attitude. If they were upset about something someone had said to them earlier that day, they didn't carry it with them their entire day.
  7. Finally, there were friendly and approachable. They said hello to employees they came into contact with. They weren't stingy with their praise and gave well-deserved pats on the back.